What are some common causes of brain injuries?

Common causes of brain injuries are accidents where there are impacts to the head. That can cause concussions or contusions. Also penetrating brain injuries where a flying object enters the head and the brain. Or if someone gets a skull fracture where bone from the skull goes into the brain.

And for these injuries, common causes, or common types of accidents are falls, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, or some other types of accidents where there is a very hard impact that would lead to the person impacting their head or with things being broken in the vehicle or falling to the ground where some sort of flying object may enter their head.

In addition to that, there’s anoxic brain injuries where someone would lose oxygen due to, well, it could be a variety of things. Often in the hospital where their heart stops, and they don’t have injury, or rather they don’t have oxygen coming to their brain, and that leads to an injury such as brain damage.


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