Sexual Abuse Lawsuits


We all place a very high value on the safety and security of our loved ones, especially those that are most vulnerable such as children and disabled adults.  No one can prepare you for the overwhelming devastation that results when you find that your loved one was raped or sexually abused.  Unfortunately, sexual abuse, sexual molestation, sexual assault, and rape, occur every day in hospitals, residential care facilities, group homes, daycares, schools, churches, homes, foster homes, and everywhere that children and vulnerable adults are.

Even if you were a childhood victim of sexual abuse in the distant past, you may still be able to pursue a lawsuit.  You do not need to suffer the effects of the trauma of that experience in silence.  With changes in the law that have occurred in the past decade, you may still have a valid legal claim.  Contact us immediately if you are in such a position.

Such lawsuits can be based on Negligence, Negligent Hiring of employees, Negligent Retention of employees, Negligent Supervision of employees, etc.  Sexual abuse is very traumatic and can cause lifelong injury to the victims.

In cases that Christopher Parker-Cyrus has handled, it has been clear that the victims would suffer the effects of the trauma caused by the sexual abuse at each stage of his or her life.  Those stages of life include:

  • Puberty
  • A first relationship
  • Reaching Adulthood
  • Forming and maintaining relationships
  • Marriage
  • Having children
  • Middle Age
  • Reaching retirement

Some of the significant psychological complications of having been the victim of sexual abuse are as follows:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Comorbid Conditions
  • Behavior Disorders
  • Substance Abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Anti-Social Behaviors
  • Premature and promiscuous sexual acting out
  • Self-destructive behaviors

Even inpatient hospital care may be required on numerous occasions during the lifetime of the victim.

Those who commit sexual abuse and the leaders and organizations that hide their activities or allow the conditions that lead to the sexual abuse to exist can and should be sued as is allowed by the law.  Victims of sexual abuse can pursue lawsuits against the individuals and organizations responsible.  By having a competent attorney pursue such a lawsuit, the victims can receive compensation for their injuries, losses, and past and future medical needs.  This compensation can reach the level of millions of dollars.  We can help you to seek justice on behalf of your loved ones.


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