Should I take photographs of my injuries and the accident scene in a Florida slip and fall case?


You should definitely take photographs of your injuries and the accident scene. Photographs can be some of the most important evidence later, whether your case is settled prior to having a trial, or whether you have a trial. That’s because if you have photographs of the injuries, you can show exactly what they look like at the time. By the time the case is settled later, even before filing a lawsuit and certainly after, the injuries will probably have healed, so you won’t be able to see them in the same detail as when it occurred.

Also, as far as the accident scene, certainly, in most cases the accident scene will disappear very quickly. By having photos, you have very important evidence for whether it’s pre-suit for the insurance company, to show to the adjuster, for the mediation, for the trial. Definitely take all the photographs you can of your injuries. Even video would be good and also the accident scene.


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