How complicated are Florida slip and fall cases?


Florida slip and fall cases can be very complicated, the reason being that you have to prove that there was a dangerous condition on the property that the owner or the tenant or employee, someone knew about and failed to take any action. Either they knew or they should have known, they didn’t do anything about it, and therefore the condition remained and you were injured. Sometimes it can be difficult to prove that because you have to show that they knew and if they deny that they knew or if it’s not clear they should have known, it’s not so easy to prove the case but it’s important to investigate the case through, where if you have an attorney, the attorney can have a private investigator working the case go to the location. There are witnesses at the store, employees or the owner, and they will be asked did you know about this condition? How long did you know? Did you take any action to correct it? And so on and find out if it’s possible to prove the case for liability and that way that they are responsible to compensate you for your damages.


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