Can I recover from a Florida store for injuries sustained when I slipped on a spilled liquid and fell?


Yes, you may be able to recover from a floor at a store when there’s a liquid spill and you slip and fall. The issue would be whether it was a dangerous condition, which in this case would be the liquid spilled on the floor that existed in the store and the owner or employees of the owner knew or should have known about this dangerous condition and failed to take action to remove the dangerous condition, in this case by cleaning up the spill. So you’d have to prove that that was the case.

For example, you wouldn’t have a good case if it was spilled and within two minutes before anyone noticed that you slipped and fell, but if it was there for hours, they knew about it, they talked about it, they said, “Oh you clean it.” “No, you clean it,” and they never got around to it, then you could have a much better case. Evidence would be what the employees had to say about it. Often in stores now there are videos, so there could be a video of it and how long it was there. So you potentially could have a case, but again, there would have to be proven that this dangerous condition existed, that the owner or employees knew about it, and did not take care of the dangerous condition, you then fell and suffered injuries.


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