Will I have to go to court for my Florida personal injury case?


Well, for your Florida personal injury case, you won’t necessarily have to go to court. Depends, of course, on what happens in the case. Could be possible to reach a settlement prior to filing a lawsuit, and that would involve dealing with the adjuster, who’s the representative of the insurance company on the other side, and possibly having a mediation. It’d be very important for you to, from the beginning, speak with an attorney to help investigate the case, taking pictures, possibly at the scene, definitely of any injuries that you have. Then you have medical records, your medical bills, speaking with you about the case and any witnesses you have, and once we’re ready, presenting all evidence we have to the adjuster, who we’d negotiate with in attempting to settle the case. If we can do that, then that would be the end of the case.

If not, the next step would be having a mediation with a mediator, who’s a negotiator. They would sit with both sides and try and resolve the case. If we can do that, that will be the end of the case. Either way, there would be paperwork signed and you would get compensation for all of your injuries in the form of a check, and this would all happen before a lawsuit being filed, but as I said, it would be important to have an attorney to help you prepare for all of this, deal with the adjuster, and also to do the mediation.


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