Who is liable for damages in my Florida personal injury case?


In general, anyone that is responsible or liable for your injuries, if they had a parting cause in your injuries or if they own the property that was related to the accident, then they can be responsible for your damages. Examples are if you’re in an auto accident. The person driving the other car that caused the accident would be liable to you, so would their insurance company. If there was more than one car involved and there was more than one other driver involved in causing the accident, both drivers and both of their insurance companies could be liable. If it happened on property, then the owner of the property, and if they were a tenant, possibly the landlord. If they were a business, they could be the business. Again, it could be a tenant, the owner of the shopping center. It would depend. You would have to prove that they were liable for your injuries in order for them to be liable to compensate you. In order to make sure that you hold every party that possibly is responsible, liable, and to get compensated by each one of them, it would be important to have an attorney look at the case.


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