What is my Florida personal injury case worth?


In order to determine what your Florida personal injury case is worth, it will be necessary to look at quite a few different factors. Once liability has been established, that is that the other party is responsible for causing your injuries, when you turn to the actual value of your case, you would look at different things such as your physical injuries, the treatment that you need for them, the period of time you would need the treatment, whether it be for months, years or if you would need treatment for the rest of your life, the medical bills, as far as how much this treatment would cost, the pain and suffering that you would suffer, meaning both at the time of the accident, after that happened, in the near future or as long as you have pain and suffering. Could be for the rest of your life, could be for a shorter period of time.

Also, you’d look at things such as lost wages, time you couldn’t work because of the injuries. In addition, loss of the earning potential that you had previously, meaning that because of the injuries, you couldn’t work to the same extent as you could in the past. Or you might not be able to work at all, so you could recover for that.

Loss of enjoyment of life where if you, in the past, liked dancing, doing certain types of exercises, going hiking, whatever you liked to do, if you can’t do that anymore, you can actually receive compensation for that loss.

Loss of consortium where you have damage to your familiar relationships. You can’t have the same relationship with your children, play with them, do sports or whatever it might have been, if there’s any loss in the relationship with your spouse as well.

There’s quite a few other things that can be looked at. All these things would be added together, each thing would have a monetary value estimated. The total amount would be the amount that hopefully you can recover as compensation in your case, can get very complicated. You would definitely want to speak to an attorney to make a determination, so that whatever you recover would be a fair amount.


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