How much is my Florida motorcycle accident case worth?


Well, it does depend on the case and the extent of your injuries. For example, you would have to, yourself or through your altogether, establish what those injuries are. If you have minor injuries, of course, it’s worth less. But if you have head injuries due to the other party and the other injured as well, but if it’s due to the other party, then we’re looking possibly at head injuries, maybe permanent injuries, brain damage, concussion, contusion, which is a bruise to your brain. It could be penetrating injuries where something actually goes into your head and to your brain. You can have paralysis. You can have broken bones, facial fractures, burns, road rash. You can have amputations of the limbs.

There’s no limit to the types of injuries you can get because of the nature of the vehicle that you’re completely open to cars coming at you. So, you would definitely want to get an attorney to represent you to look into all the different types of injuries that you have, what they can be worth, what they can help you to work with your treatment providers, your doctors, to see what further treatment you need. After you get to the point of getting all the treatment you need, all the records and valuing each individual injury, then you would know what the case is potentially worth.


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