How do insurance companies determine the value of my injuries in a Florida motorcycle accident case?


Generally, insurance companies look at a few different factors, mostly your injuries, what they are and what you can prove in determining how much they think your case is worth. They would look at what treatment you had and for how long, and they would learn that through your medical bills or they would request and you would provide your medical records as well. Also, there’s pain and suffering that you potentially would suffer at the time the accident happened, after the same day, and up until the point where your case is settled and also it would be considered future pain and suffering that you could experience for years or even the rest of your life.

They would look at the loss of earning capacity. They would look at things like scars on your body that are permanent scars, permanent injuries to your joints, bones. Broken bones they would consider ’cause those are permanent injuries. They would consider lost wages, emotional distress. They would consider essentially any types of injuries that you explain to them that you have that were caused by the accident, and they would determine whether they agree that those were caused by the accident, and that the value that you put on them because best would be to tell them how much you think the injuries are worth as far as your compensation. They’ll consider all of those things, and they’ll determine what they think the case is worth.


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