How do I know if I have a brain injury case in Florida?


Essentially there are a couple of things to look at and that would have to be proven if the case ever did go to trial. The first is was there liability or fault on the part of the party that caused the accident, and if there was, then what were the injuries because the second thing is to establish what the injuries are. Anything from physical injuries, obviously, if there’s some brain injury you have that and what the treatment would be, how long it would last, what treatment would be necessary, would it be surgery, how many surgeries, pain and suffering this person might experience and also the loss of capacity to earn a living and if that happened, which can be common in brain injury cases, also the loss of the enjoyment of life, if they can’t do things they used to do, if there’s, for example, any paralysis or brain damage, they don’t have the full mental function that they previously had before the accident. So all these things would be considered. But main things, is there a liability and what are the damages in the case?


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