How do brain injury lawsuit trial proceedings work in Florida?


In Florida, these types of proceedings essentially work the same as any other type of injury lawsuit. That means at first in the trial proceeding you’d have pretrial motions where both sides would be asking the judges, or the judge to do things or not do things to allow things in evidence or not prior to the trial; they want to get these decisions made. Next would be selecting the jury that would actually be making the decision on the case, and then both sides would make opening statements where they would explain what they would be presenting in the case. And next, the plaintiff, who’s bringing the lawsuit, would present their case, their evidence, their witnesses, and so on. Then the defense would have their turn to do the same; they present their case. Then finally you’d have closing arguments where both sides would give their summary of their cases. The last part of the case would be the jury would go back into the jury room, they’d discuss the case, and they’d give a verdict deciding whether there was liability, a duty owed to the plaintiff that was violated, and give a verdict on what amount of money would be given to the plaintiff if the plaintiff wins. If the plaintiff loses, there would be no money given.


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