Are there different types of brain injury?


Yes, there are different types of brain injuries. For example, there’s a concussion, which is caused by an impact. Could be in a car accident, can be from a fall or another situation. There are contusions which are basically bruises on the brain. Also, there’s penetrating injuries, which means that something has entered your brain. It could be a flying object that enters your head and your brain. It could be if you have a skull fracture and your own skull, the bone, enters the brain. That would be a penetrating injury. There’s an anoxic brain injury, as well, which is where the brain is deprived of oxygen for some period of time, which leads to brain injury, often known as brain damage. Those are different types of injuries that you can receive. Of course, in this type of case you definitely would want to contact an attorney who has some expertise in this area and knows different experts that could also help with the case.


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