Will it cost me any money to bring an accident case?


Initially, in order to bring an accident case, it will not cost you any money. Your attorney would take the case based on a contingency fee, which means that any fee that they receive they would not receive until the end of the case, and it would come from any money that’s recovered in your case. If there’s no money recovered in your case you’d have to pay them nothing as a fee, but if there is, they would get 33 1/3% of whatever money’s recovered prior to a lawsuit being filed, and 40% after the lawsuit is filed, because there would be more work in the case.
As far as expenses in the case, such as paying for the cost of depositions, expert witnesses, copies of paperwork and so on, the attorney generally will pay for that for you and seek reimbursement from the money recovered at the end of your case. So you wouldn’t have to pay for that either.


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