Will I have to pay back my health insurance provider if I recover damages in an accident case?


It is very possible that you would have to pay back your health insurance provider at the end of your case because the law states that they can seek reimbursement from you from any settlement that you receive and now of course they would be paying for your medical bills and you’re seeking or would be to get money based on the amount that you paid in medical bills so at the end of the case or prior to that they would probably contact you and in addition to Medicaid or Medicare, you have to actually notify them that there’s a case and they will seek reimbursement for any money that they paid. In order to take care of this and to make it as easy as possible for clients, an attorney should contact these facilities, even Medicaid and Medicare, try and get them to reduce the amount that they are seeking. Often they will do that and often you can convince them to wait until the end of the lawsuit to get payment.


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