What kinds of damages are available in an accident case?


In an accident case there’s several different types of damages that are available to you.

First of all, if you have physical injury, then you can recover for those damages. If you have emotional distress and the accident has caused you to have depression, anxiety, or other psychological injury, then you can possibly recover for that.

There’s your pain and suffering from the injury. It can be past pain and suffering or future pain and suffering. Some people, unfortunately, can have pain and suffering for the rest of their life, and they can recover for that.

There is loss of consortium, which means damage to your familial relationship. If you had a certain relationship with your children, played with them all the time, took them places, and you can’t do that any longer because of the injuries, you can recover for that sort of damage.

Also, for lost wages or simply missing work. Also, for loss of enjoyment of life, things that you liked to do in the past, dancing, aerobics, hiking, and you can no longer do them or you’re much more limited because of the accident, you can recover for that.

And there’s quite a few others. Another I’ll mention is the loss of the ability to earn income, which is very important, because if you’re injured and you can’t do your job at all, or at least not to the extent you could in the past and you make less money because of the accident, you can recover for that.

So since there’s so many different types of damages, you should definitely contact an attorney, speak with them about the types of damages that are particular to your case.


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