What if there were no witnesses to my accident?


Even if there were no witnesses to your accident, you can still have a strong case. First of all, you yourself would be a witness to what happened. If there was another party involved, such as in a car accident, they would be a witness as well. There could at times be video tapes and the actual scene of the accident, if there are pictures taken right away that help in proving exactly what happened, and just your testimony alone explaining what happened could be enough to prove the case. So it’s not necessary to have any witnesses, but it would be best to contact an attorney who often uses a private investigator that can go to the scene, speak with you, and sometimes you may think there are no witnesses. If they go, say in a residential area and knock on a few doors, they can sometimes find witnesses to a car accident or to something else that may have happened. So there may be witnesses, but even without you still can have a winnable case.


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