What if I was partially at-fault for the accident?


If you were partially at fault in the accident, there’s something called comparative negligence. In Florida, which I have to consider, it basically means that both parties can be responsible for the accident. So if an accident happens, it not just 100% paid by the party that caused the accident. It would be that there would be a determination of what percentage each party was at fault. If you were determined to be 10% at fault and the other party who caused the accident, primarily, was 90% at fault, then if you recover in the case, instead of getting 100% of the money that you recover, it would be reduced by the 10% you were at fault.

So for example, if you recovered $100,000, you would not get 100,000. Ten percent would be subtracted because you were 10% at fault. So you’d only get $90,000 and that’s how it works. So since this can get a little complicated, it would be best to speak with an attorney so they attorney can make sure that the calculations are correct and the amount of fault contributed to you is also correct.


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