What do I need to prove to win my accident case?


In order for win your accident case, there are couple of specific things you have to prove. The first thing, you have to prove the other party that caused the accident was actually liable for what happened. That means simply that it was their fault. In a car accident, they ran a red light, they ran a stop sign, they ran into your car and caused your injury. It’s the owner of property, and they knew there was a dangerous condition that existed on their property. They did nothing to take care of that so that no one, like yourself, would be injured. They would be liable for not having taken care of the dangerous condition. If you’re walking down the street and a car goes out of its lane on the sidewalk and hits you, then they would be liable.

So you have to prove liability, and once you are able to do that, the next question is, what is the value of your injuries? For example, your medical records and bills which show what the injuries are, the treatment that you are getting or have gotten, and the cost of the medical bills. But there’s many other types of damages you would prove to increase the value of your case and, therefore, the money you receive, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, possibly punitive damages if the judge gives permission to pursue those. There could be lost wages, loss of ability to earn where you can’t do the same work you did in the past because of these injuries, loss of enjoyment of life where you like to do physical activities, but because of the injuries you can’t, and other injuries you can possibly recover for.


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