What do I need to bring to the initial consultation with my attorney in my accident case?


When you first meet with your attorney, you should essentially take everything you’ve got, including anything you receive at the accident scene. If it was auto accident, you’ll likely have a police report. If it happened in a store or some location, they may give you a report or some information or a case number. Definitely take those things.

You should take any information on any insurance, whether it’s for the other party or for yourself, whether it’s your medical insurance, if it’s a car accident, your car insurance. If there’s any other type of insurance you think may apply, if you have the policy, you can take that. If you have any information for witnesses, their name, address, and phone number, you try to get that information at the scene if you’re able, or have someone else do it.

So bring that information. And if there’s anything else that you have you think might be important to the case, such as past medical records showing a prior condition, definitely take those things as well. Your attorney will review everything, let you know what is important and necessary and possibly ask you for more documentation, more information. So that could be very important.


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