What are my rights as an accident victim?


You have some very important rights as an accident victim. For example, if you are injured and it’s due to the fault of another person? That would be negligence and you can definitely go after and request that the other party pay for your injuries to compensate you. You have the right to contact their insurance company whether it’s you or through an attorney of your own, and explain to them that you believe the other party was at fault, that how you’re injured, to what extent. Provide to them your medical bills, your medical records and ask that they compensate you in a fair amount. And if that doesn’t happen? You have the right to file a lawsuit in civil court seeking compensation for your injuries.

You will have to prove those same things. That the other party is liable for your injuries and the level of injuries. But that’s something you definitely should do. And if you’re not sure one way or the other on how to do it, or whether you should do it? You should definitely contact an attorney that has experience in this type of case to help you.


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