Should I accept a settlement offer in my accident case?


The answer to that question depends on what the settlement offer is and quite a few other things. If your case is a minor case where you don’t have much injury and the other side admits liability in a minor accident, then maybe you should take the settlement offer. I still think you should speak to an attorney first about the situation to make sure that the insurance company is being fair with you. If you have a more complicated case where they’re disputing liability, maybe they have a valid dispute, maybe they don’t, and also if your injuries are very serious and the value of your case potentially is very high, you would definitely want to speak with an attorney about the case.

Now as far as whether you should accept the settlement, it depends on how much it is. For example, you should consider the medical bills. You should consider how seriously you’re injured. You should consider, according to your medical care providers, how quickly you may heal to 100%, will it be a long period of time. If you’re going to be undergoing treatment for a long period of time, you don’t want to take a settlement offer necessarily within the first two weeks after the accident. This can be very complicated and it has directly to do with how much you will recover in the case. Once you sign a release indicating that you’re willing to settle the case you can’t go back and later and ask for more money, so you should be very careful about accepting an offer. You should speak to an attorney and give them all the details to make sure that it’s a fair offer before you accept it.


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