How quickly should I contact an attorney in an accident case?


You should definitely contact an attorney in an accident case immediately for several reasons. First of all, consider that the fee that you would pay your attorney, doesn’t matter whether you hire him the first day when you have the accident or one year later, you’re not going to pay him any more money for having started at the beginning. Also, you would want the attorney to begin on the case immediately to, if possible, he or his private investigator, have him visited the accident scene, take pictures. Make sure the correct pictures were taken of your injuries, that witnesses are found and spoken to, their information name, address, phone number is gotten right away. You want to make sure that you get the appropriate treatment from the very beginning because that’s how you’re able to prove your injuries and the value of your case. So by contacting an attorney right away, the work will be begun immediately, and all the correct work will be done to make your resolution the best it can possibly be.


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