How do I know if I am entitled to file a lawsuit for my accident?


Well generally, you’re always entitled to file a lawsuit for your accident. The question is how good or bad your case is. If you do decide you do want to file a lawsuit, the main two things that you would need to know, how strong is your case for liability. That the other side is responsible for the accident and would therefore be liable to you to pay you for your injuries and the other issue is how much your case is valued at.

To determine that, it would be a question of how serious your injuries were. The period of time you would need treatment, what the treatment would be, your pain and suffering, emotional distress, whether you have loss of ability to earn an income because of the injuries cannot work in the same way you did previously, loss of enjoyment of life. For example, if you like to exercise a lot and now you can’t do that because of the injuries, loss of consortium where your familial relationships have changed with for example your spouse or your children. All these are important issues to look at. So you definitely would want to speak with an attorney to look into all these issues and explain them to you very well.


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