How much is my Florida auto accident case worth?


Well, that actually depends on the situation with your case. It’d definitely be better to have an attorney to work on the case with you, to build the case, in order to establish all the different factors that would contribute to establishing the value of your case. For example, you’d have to show, in showing your injuries, what your physical injuries were, through your medical records, through your medical bills. You’d show the amount that you had to pay for medical treatment. It would be important how long you had treatment, whether it was for two weeks or two years, whether you needed surgery or just some sort of pain pills for a short amount of time. You would need to show that you had pain and suffering, and prove that.

Loss of capacity to earn a living, where you can’t work the same as you did previously because of your injuries. Loss of enjoyment of life because you can’t do the things you enjoyed previously, such as exercising, whether you like to do dancing, or aerobics, or hiking. Loss of consortium, whether your family relationships … you have issues because you can’t do things you enjoyed before, whether it’s between yourself and your spouse, yourself and your children. Maybe you like to go play games with them, and you can’t do that, because physically, the injuries prevent you from doing that. So you’d have to establish what all of the different injuries and inhibitions you have now are, and what they’re all worth, and prove the total amount that you’re trying to receive compensation for. So definitely to do this, you’d need an attorney to help you who has the appropriate experience.


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