Are there alternatives to going to court in a Florida auto accident case?

Yes, there are. Prior to filing a lawsuit, what you or your attorney would be able to do is to collect all evidence from photographs at the scene, photographs of your injuries, medical bills, medical reports, information on witnesses, information or documents stating what the witnesses would actually say if the case went to trial and anything you think would be important to show pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of capacity to earn a living, and other things, present it to the other side or their insurance company and try and reach a settlement, usually with their adjuster. It could be with their attorney. If you can settle the case, then the case would not have to go to court or have a lawsuit filed.

Also, you could have a mediation going toward the same goal of trying to settle the case prior to filing a lawsuit where a mediator would sit with both sides and they would discuss the case and attempt to reach resolution. If a resolution is reached, the documents would be signed, the at fault party or the insurance company would pay you the agreed upon amount, and that would resolve the case prior to the lawsuit being filed.


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